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 Louise's GM application.

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PostSubject: Louise's GM application.   Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:17 pm

How long have you played on this server?: Appoximately a day or two.

How long do you spend per day on the server and how much will you if you're GM?: I've been recently spending about 7 hours + On you're server, and muchly willing to put more time in if I was a GM. (Weekends are different)

What Time Zone are you in? GMT+11

What hours of the day or times do you normally spend online? Between 4 and 12 my time on weekdays, which would be 3am - 1pm ish judging by your server time.

What is your character(s) name(s) and level(s)?: My character's name is Louise, although i've been rerolling her to see which characters are bugged and which aren't. She is now level 70.

Have you had any expierence with GM Commands, If so how much and where?: I have complete knowledge of every ascent command.

Have you ever been GM on any other servers?, If so where and why did you leave? (Be Honest): I have been a GM on Dark Vortex WoW (Was 12 on the top 100) for over 4 months, left due to the amount of work the other GMs would not do, leaving me with 400 people online and me only answering tickets. (Was rank A Gm)
Also, I have been a GM on LogicWoW and my ex boyfriends server, left both because the servers went down. (Both ranked as AZ)

What most interests you in the GM position?: Kind of missing answering peoples problems and catching hackers. Also, it would be nice to watch the server progress (I'm already suggesting this server to friends on MSN).

Why do you think you should be a Game Master for our server?: Because i've done it all before, know the ascent commands Perfectly, I help alot with tickets whenever there is any.

Name: Louise
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Location: Victoria, Australia.
MSN: Syrulian@hotmail.com, feel free to ask questions there.

Thankyou for reading my application.

<3~ Louise
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Louise's GM application.
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