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These are the Forums for the Celdon Wow Private server, Enjoy you stay here and hope you like the server.
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 Moranimal For GM!

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PostSubject: Moranimal For GM!   Sun May 04, 2008 10:31 am

How long have you played on this server?:
Ive just recently discovered this server and fell in love with it, everyones friendly and gm's help and actually raid with you!

How long do you spend per day on the server and how much will you if you're GM?:
I play about 2-4 hours week day and 4-7 on weekends

What Time Zone are you in? GMT - or +
I am in the United States East Coast

What hours of the day or times do you normally spend online?
Any time of day really.

What is your character(s) name(s) and level(s)?:
Have you had any expierence with GM Commands, If so how much and where?:
Yes i am, ive made many servers for me and my friends, coded alittle bit of them. Also played on some GM servers

Have you ever been GM on any other servers?, If so where and why did you leave? (Be Honest):

What most interests you in the GM position?:
Being able to help people in the game that need help, and give a break to the other gm's

Why do you think you should be a Game Master for our server?:
Because to be honest ive played a really long time on other servers and retail but i have found this server to be the best server i have ever played, with all the custom items, the leveling road, the custom npc's and the time taken into making this server has astounded me
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Moranimal For GM!
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