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These are the Forums for the Celdon Wow Private server, Enjoy you stay here and hope you like the server.
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 marksman / heralic's Application

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PostSubject: marksman / heralic's Application   Thu May 08, 2008 2:36 am


How long have you played on this server?: I have played on this server for 5 days

How long do you spend per day on the server and how much will you if you're GM?: I have spend atleast 3 hours a day and I think I will spend more if I get gm.

What Time Zone are you in? GMT - or + I live in Sweden but I always count myself as a London Time Zoner

What hours of the day or times do you normally spend online?15:00 to 18:30 and more on weekends.

What is your character(s) name(s) and level(s)?: Hunter-Marksman-Level 70 / Paladin-Heralic-Level 70 / Druid-Beast-Level 68 / Warlock-Winy-Level 70 / Paladin-Justice-Level 50 ( I think)

Have you had any expierence with GM Commands, If so how much and where?: I know all gm commands sense I have been admin on 1 server and had my own server and been gm on several servers.

Have you ever been GM on any other servers?, If so where and why did you leave? (Be Honest): Well...It was actualy because the servers stayed in old patches and sense I also play retail I had to upgrade my patch.. and a while ago my internet crashed for like 4 months so then when I wasnt online in 4 months they (obviously) removed my gm/admin position.

What most interests you in the GM position?: I like to help players and realy love to create events. Also I think it is very cool with these custom instances and whoud love to help creating items and help with all kinds of stuffs on upcoming instances

Why do you think you should be a Game Master for our server?: Sense you need somebody to create some stairs for ya.. Very Happy or not realy but.. I like to help people as I sad before and I like to create events and stuffs and chat with players Very Happy

Extras: I am hoping to build up a friendship with the server gm's and most of the players Very Happy
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marksman / heralic's Application
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