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These are the Forums for the Celdon Wow Private server, Enjoy you stay here and hope you like the server.
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 Stianso's GM Application

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PostSubject: Stianso's GM Application   Mon Jul 07, 2008 12:54 pm

How long have you played on this server?: About 1

How long do you spend per day on the server and how much will you if you're GM?: 9-15

What Time Zone are you in? GMT - or +:US so that would be -

What hours of the day or times do you normally spend online? 9-16

What is your character(s) name(s) and level(s)?: Stianso: 51 Stiansotwo: 31

Have you had any expierence with GM Commands, If so how much and where?: Yes on Admins-craft, and almost all other private servers.

Have you ever been GM on any other servers?, If so where and why did you leave? (Be Honest): No, but im really sure i would be able to do good.

What most interests you in the GM position?: That I would be able to help people and set up events or anything else.

Why do you think you should be a Game Master for our server?: I think i should be a GM on your server because im really good at helping people, and i am not rude to people.

Extras: I have TS2 Skype Myspace and you can find that on my profile so you will be able to contact me.
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Stianso's GM Application
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