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These are the Forums for the Celdon Wow Private server, Enjoy you stay here and hope you like the server.
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 SkyFangs evil GM app D;

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Join date : 2008-04-11

PostSubject: SkyFangs evil GM app D;   Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:08 pm

How long have you played on this server?:
I haven't yet, and I will probably only be able to play for 20 min max since my G-card gives out and shuts down because of my new set up and i'll be gettting a new on this weekend, but I will be playing, so look forward to it

How long do you spend per day on the server and how much will you if you're GM?:
well, Basically, weekdays range from 4:20 PM - 10PM or later, depends on how tired I am. and weekends are basically 24 hours.

What Time Zone are you in? GMT - or +

What hours of the day or times do you normally spend online?
4:20 PM - 10PM or later, depends on how tired I am. and weekends are basically 24 hours.

What is your character(s) name(s) and level(s)?:
Well when I get to create my character, it will be SkyFang, which I guess will start out at Lv1

Have you had any experience with GM Commands, If so how much and where?:
I have had experience fiddling with GM commands on my own little Localhost test area, so maybe around a year and half, and I'm always looking for fiddling with new ones

Have you ever been GM on any other servers?, If so where and why did you leave? (Be Honest):
PureFraggers [Level 3 GM (admin)] I quit this one right after the added a new server and a new core host, why I quit is because the were wanting new GMs and not their old ones, so I was pretty ticked at them
Bribs Funserver (az GM) I didn't quit this one, the admin never came on after a week of uptime then it was shut down
Downfall (az GM) I was actually tri-co owner and this one died when no one ever came on after about 3 months of uptime
PeterGriffins Funserver (level 2 GM) This one was dropped because the owner never started up the server again when he got back from vacation
All and all, with some servers I have forgotten about, I have had over a year with experience

What most interests you in the GM position?:
What interests me most in a GM position is the ability to actually help me directly, instead of just being a player and being a flamist about it.

Why do you think you should be a Game Master for our server?:
I think I should be GM on this server because I would be very dedicative to this server and I'll try to bring as many new items as possible so we can have Retail and customs in the server.

I pwn hard. SHOOP DA WHOOP
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2008-04-11

PostSubject: Re: SkyFangs evil GM app D;   Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:32 pm

Hey, sorry for the double post, but yes I understand that this server is NOT compatible with 2.4.x. I would like to state that I will not be able to fully be on due to my G-card shutting down when I run WoW. I am in the process of buying a new one
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SkyFangs evil GM app D;
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